Emacs colours.

O.k. I’ve wasted an hour or so messing around with colours in emacs – for some reason it was a lovely shade of green and well green on my computer. So I downloaded color-theme.el and played around a lot.

color-theme.el doesn’t actually change the menu or scroll bars, you have to mess around with a .emacs file. So for reference here is my .emacs file:

(setq load-path (append '("~/elisp") load-path))
;; For colour theme selection
(require 'color-theme)
;; (color-theme-gnome2)
;; Fiddle with the menu and scroll-bar colours too
(set-face-foreground 'menu "black")
(set-face-background 'menu "light grey")
(set-face-background 'scroll-bar "light grey")
;; For Table
(require 'table)
(require 'tex-site)
;; For preview
(load "preview-latex.el" nil t t)
;; For JDE
;; (require 'jde)

I have a subdirectory in my home folder called elisp into which I stick personal emacs packages.


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