Monthly Archives: September 2005

Unision Config.

Before I forget it all, I’ve finally managed to get my laptop (Ubuntu) to link up with my desktop (Windows XP) at work using the Unison file synchroniser. Key points are:

  • Use the same version on both machines! U used 2.13.16
  • You need an SSH server the Windows Box

Once you have sorted out such essentials using Unison is actually quite easy. Though I appear to have replicated a huge number of very large dot files from my unix workspace to the windows machine and now I’m scared to delete them!

Very useful links:
Installing OpenSSH on Windows XP
The Unison File Synchronisation Tool

I’m not a big fan of Windows XP but there are several programs vital to my work that only run on that platform. MS Word being one of them.. urgh.



In passing I should mention that I signed up for a flickr account. Which was less painful than I thought it would be. You can check out my online photographs at My Flickr site.

There are some nice pictures of Stockholm and a couple of Durham.