Since many people seem awfully disapointed that this blog merely contains software hints – here are some thoughts on lecturing. As my dear reader will know I recently started a new job as a lecturer which gives a bit more security than just being a contract researcher for hire.

At some point I’ll talk a little bit about the disadvantages of the whole system of R&D in UK Universities being based on “disposable people” but that’s another story.

Anyway lecturing is a series of extremely short term deadlines, none of which are hugely difficult but are all quite urgent. i.e. sort out lecture for Friday, sort out project description by Monday, write exams papers for some other time…. etc. etc. In contract research you tended to be working on goals on a weekly basis at the shortest time scale.

Don’t get me wrong I kind of like it – you get to talk to lots of people and it keeps you busy! It’s just a thought really.


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