Ubuntu Linux

Dear Reader, as you will have doubtless noticed I spend far too much time configuring computers. So much so that I’ve tried to wean myself off it and do more work. One useful thing that I’d recomend trying is Ubuntu Linux. (Or if you are a card carrying associate member of the free software foundation Ubuntu GNU/Linux).

Ubuntu Linux is an operating system which is based on free software. By free I mean free as in freedom not free as in zero cost. For more details see The Free Software Foundation. Now I find free software fascinating for two reasons:

  • I wouldn’t believe it exists unless it did. What I mean is that if someone had ten years ago said to me you are going to be able to get a fully featured professional quality operating system for free I’d have said they were nuts and work has to be paid for etc etc. Though to be honest ten years ago I thought looking at a picture a friend had uploaded on the internet was really cool so as a technolgoy evangelist I’m fairly useless.
  • It’s actually really good quality. I can do enourmous amounts of really productive work on a free operating system which a few years ago money couldn’t buy as the capabilities didn’t exist!

Anyway I really must get back to trying out that new bit of software I’ve just downloaded….

Oh and I’d recomend trying out Ubuntu Ubuntu Website


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