Monthly Archives: January 2006

Revision Control

I was recently thinking about setting a revision control system for software I am writing at University. Then I remembered that we have a timesharing GNU/Linux system at the University which has apparently subversion installed.

Anyway Dear Reader there are two things that you must remember:

  • in the repository you should edit the repository/conf/svnserve.conf file to allow access to those you want to access the repository
  • for the Durham system at least you can use the svn+ssh:// protocol to access the repository

Enjoy the code…


Unison USB Drive

When using the really handy Unision File Synchroniser with a USB hard drive with a FAT 32 System, the perms option is really handy:

# Unison preferences file
root = /mnt/data/data
root = /media/LACIE/data
perms = 0
ignore = Path {My Pictures}
ignore = Path {My eBooks}
ignore = Path {downloads}
ignore = Path {locallib}

If you don’t do that you end up with all sorts of file permission errors and the program fails.