Monthly Archives: August 2006

Saving Paper.

I recently had to fill in a form so that someone could check I was not a criminal or baby killer. Which is all a bit of a waste of time as I know I’m not a criminal or a baby killer. Anyway the form was four pages long, along with four pages of instructions and illustrations as how to fill it. Most of the instructions were there to tell you that two pages should be kept blank!
This agency was cheerfully proclaiming that it had served up ten million of these checks.  Imagine the wasted paper and transport costs for sending off forms that don’t need to be filled in along with detailed instructions for how not to do so!

I actually took the time to write them a letter asking them why they were wasting so much money.  I got a reply today telling me that they were looking into it, I won’t hold my breath…..


Victim of theft!!!

My old bike has been nicked.  Which is shocking and appalling – clearly I am living in a drug ridden, crime laden neighbourhood surrounded by terrorists.  Maybe I should have locked it!
I’m not sure if I should regard this as theft or some form of community recycyling.  The bike after all had flat tyres, brakes that didn’t work and handlebars that didn’t steer.  I’d nearly taken it to the skip several times myself.

If they’d asked nicely I’d probably have given them they key to the lock I hadn’t used…