Monitor Configuration has some way to go in Ubuntu…

Dear Reader,

I’ve just spent quite some time configuring a laptop to give out a higher screen resolution for an external monitor. I wanted to use the laptop with an external screen, eyboard and mouse (well trackball but you know what I mean). Anyway after some hours and rather a large number of re-boots I finally got it to work.

I edited the xorg.conf file and added additional resolutions – I did this several times without effect until I restarted the machine and then shut the lid whilst the computer was booting up and this finally allowed a higher screen resolution to be selectable in the screen resolution applet….

This should really be easier… anyway for reference here is the xorg.conf, changes for each Mode where it used to say:

Modes "1024x768"It now says

Modes "1280x1024" "1024x768" "800x600"


3 thoughts on “Monitor Configuration has some way to go in Ubuntu…

  1. rhohit

    In mine it does not detect above 1024×768 but in windows i can have


    Do you have any idea about it??

    1. grantingram Post author

      rhohit – to be honest things have moved on quite a lot! I’m now using Ubuntu 8.10 which has a control panel for configuring monitors and doesn’t even use an xorg.conf file anymore!

      This still is a little bit of a work in progress but it works most of the time – I can only really suggest updated to the latest version and seeing if that automagically works for you!


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