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X11 Forwarding in Debian and matplotlib

Have a read of /usr/share/doc/ssh/README.Debian if you are having trouble opening a display on debian, essentially you need to change a variable in /etc/ssh/sshd_conf

This matters if you are trying to build something like matplotlib, which requires you to be able to open X windows on the host you are building on….

Another problem I wanted to know very little about….

Oh and if the build process complains that it can’t find libpng – make sure you have the latest version installed as this actually seems to go in the correct place…


Unix Active Directory Ninja JuJitsu….

You can rely on the traditional unix groups (sort of)  Just:

  • create a new group
  • addusers to the group “$ adduser user group” is the way to go
  • make a directory owned by this group to share files
  • change the umask to 002, which allows group write access to all new files.  For Debian systems this is set in:
  • /etc/profile
  • /etc/login.defs
  • If you “chmod g+s” the shared directory this means that files created in it will belong to the directory group not the users group.  This is making the directory sgid apparently…
  • you can now cheerfully save files….
  • An additional thing you might want to try is that if you make umask 002, this means all members of the group (which appears to be everyone with an AD login) can read and write the files you create on the unix box.  To avoid everyone reading and writing your files you can change the group of your home directory to a local group and then set that directory sgid as well.

    Of course this may introduce a huge security hole but it seems to work o.k. for me.

    Don’t follow this advice unless you actually know what you are doing..

    Openoffice anonoymous PDF Export

    Dear Reader,

    If you are attempting to review an academic paper, there is a tradition that the reviewers are anonoymous so that they can comment without fear of the authors (or something).

    If you have to upload a PDF of your comments on the paper you probably want to get rid of all that personal information, that appears in document properties. To do this in OpenOffice V2:

    File -> Properties.  Then: Uncheck the apply user data button and hit the Delete button on the right. Then when you export the PDF should not contain all your user data!