Monthly Archives: January 2007

Compiling OpenMotif under Fedora Core 6.

I recently had to get the propritetary Gambit meshing program working under Fedora Core 6 – which was entertaining as I’d never used Fedora before. Using Fedora is umm, well interesting if you though that synaptic was a slow package manger think again! Anyway after your licensing stuff is sorted out you need to build openmotif as this is no longer shipped by Fedora Core.

1. Fedora Core 6 does not ship openmotif for license issues so you have to compile it from source.

2. You can obtain the openmotif software from a website:

3. To compile it you need to install various x11 development files, yacc and also set the LANG environment variable to C before it will actually compile. Don’t forget to install: xorg-x11-xbitmaps

openmotif follows the usual configure, make and make install routine.


Bashrc Prompt…

Ubuntu has a really long prompt which shows the full directory (or nearly all of it). So if like me you store your files in an organised directory tree gets a bit tedious…. /home/grant/working/ultra_checkout/gli/bemcalc across your screen fills up most of the prompt.


PS1="[\W]\\$ "
PS2="> "

To your .bashrc file to get a shorter prompt.

Using a keyboard in Thunderbird.

A few extensions make Thunderbird much faster at doing e-mail. Essentially they allow you to use the keyboard. Check out:-

Quickfile – which allows you to file messages just using the keyboard

Nostalgy – which has a greater range of keyboard shortcuts

There are also more hints and tips about e-mail producivity here, though they are quite e-mail client agnostic, the templates feature referrred to has a Thunderbird parallel in Quicktext another Thunderbird Extension.