Carpet Buying and the onset of death….

This weekend I actually spent a significant fraction of my weekend (well more than one hour) in a carpet shop, looking for, well a carpet.  I hate carpets and I especially hate wandering around showrooms full of carpet – it’s coma inducing and mind numbingly boring!

I was attempting to deploy a Seymour Cray type approach to carpet buying – go to carpet shop and buy carpet nearest the door thereby leaving more time for fun and interesting things to do.  (O.k. Seymour Cray was buying cars and he had more money which is probably why his algorithm worked and mine didn’t)

The only thing that keeps me going with this mind numbing journey is that our living room floor is covered in paint (as we were going to buy a carpet after we’d decorated) and has several holes in it from where I was drilling door handle holes without a clear idea of how thick the door handle was…

No-one said this blog was interesting….


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