Fedora Core 6 – some notes

I happen to be at this very moment sorting out a Fedora Core installation for a Phd student I am working with.

The machine is one of these 64 bit dual core things with more RAM than you can shake a stick at, however the package management is so slow that I have time to write a blog entry on the machine whilst it is “resolving dependancies”. This is the second time I’ve done this with the package manager the first time I evidently selected too many packages at once and it just ground to a halt – I’m now taking baby steps to get the thing unstuck.

The reason we went down the Fedora Core route is that we need something vaugely compatible with Red Hat as we are install lots of proprietary engineering applications on top that require this and Fedora Core is recent enough to have hardware support for this machine. Of course all this slowness may be my fault but it’s an entirely default installation so far….

Update: Oh and after selecting the “X Development Software” set of packages from the list I get a load of errors about alsa-lib conflicts and it refuses to install the software.  Crikey – quite possibly I’m doing something wrong but installing a default set of packages with a default install and getting all these errors is a bit poor.  Perhaps it’s time to try something else….


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