Monthly Archives: June 2007

CentOS Configuration Tips.

Dear Reader,

If you have just installed CentOS and want to use it note:

  • You have to set the proxy config in the yum.conf file to get package manager to recongnise the proxy, add the line proxy= to the file if you are in Durham.
  • You should import the GPG key from the media, as root: rpm --import /media/CentOS_5.0_Final/RPM-GPG-KEY-CentOS-5

Then most things appear to work, I’m trying this out as I’ve decided that something with a long update cycle might stop me messing around with software so much….


X11 Forwarding in Debian and matplotlib (2)

Dear Reader,

In order to keep your X forwarding settings (for example if you want to build matplotlib as root) then you should try usingsux rather than su

This works like a charm…