\newcommand and italic quotes in latex

If you want an italicised quote environment (and let’s face it who wouldn’t want a slinky little number like that) try this:


To use this you then need to put \begin{italicquotes} ... \end{italicquotes} into your document. From Stephan Hochhau on a mailing list somewhere – thanks Stephan. Thanks also to commentator Soren who made the example much clearer.

A full document with the new environment is given below:




Most large scale cascade experiments and the corresponding
computational fluid dynamics are conducted on geometries without
fillet radii, that is with sharp edges. Despite that the fact that
all real machines have a fillet radii there has not so far been a
detailed examination of the influence of fillet radii on the
secondary flow structures in turbines.

This paper presents detailed measurements on a large scale, low
speed cascade with significant secondary flows. A series of
detailed traverses inside the blade row were obtained allowing the
influence of fillet radii on the formation of secondary flows to be
examined. The experimental campaign is backed up by RANS

The fillets were found to increase loss by around 10\% compared to
the base case. This loss could not be accounted for by a simple
model of boundary layer behaviour and an accounting of the complex
secondary flow interactions is required to explain the observed
changes in performance. The secondary flow interactions include a
larger radial migration of secondary flows from the endwall and the
elimination of the corner vortex. The potential to improve
performance by varying the fillet radii around the blade was


You can see the output I got here: test.pdf


3 thoughts on “\newcommand and italic quotes in latex

  1. user123

    You could mention how to use this command, because the normal quote aren’t italic after including your code in my document.


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