Monthly Archives: May 2008

The inner geek…

So I’ve updated some photos on Flickr with some pictures of my shiny new laptop – if I get mugged I will know all this hysteria about Web 2.0 is well placed.

Anyway I thought I was a geek but then I found a list of the most popular photographs on my Flickr site. Number 1 is a picture Claire took of a Geisha in Kyoto, fair enough. Number 2 is a street view of Las Ramblas in Barcelona – not a great shot but a whole forty nine people have looked at it. Number 3 is a shot of Chester Le Street Tesco…. WTF!!??!


Plotting Fun

I’ve been meaning to get this stuff published in a more complete form but thought what the heck it might be useful to put up in a slightly incomplete form.  Basically as a major part of my work I need to plot a lot of contours and vectors on unstructured data – the package we used for this at the University for many years: GSharp is proprietary (although actually quite good).  I’ve been investigating the free software packages that can do the same sort of thing and the results can be found on this webpage!