Sometimes you can be too cheap…

So here you are trying to put together your new Mini-ITX computer so that you don’t have to move files around by USB stick just to print them out at home. Oh and have some other backup strategy other than clueless optimism etc.

You decide to save the princely sum of £35 and NOT get the slimline DVD drive to install the operating system and never use again. All modern computers can boot from USB right….

Well it turns out then can but only by getting the BIOS to pretend the USB drive is a fixed drive. Which means the installer thinks that it is err well you’ve guessed it a fixed drive and install the boot loader on it. After taking a couple of hours to find that out I decided to use the poor mans slimline DVD drive.

Note that I didn’t have a spare power connector for the DVD drive so it is actually connected to a different computer for power. Of course once you have installed GNU/Linux you can return your Mini-ITX system to it’s umm mini state but sometimes you can be a little cheap.

Two computers joined together to create a new system.....

Two computers joined together to create a new system.....


One thought on “Sometimes you can be too cheap…

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