Streaming Music Accross the Network using Ubuntu

Recently I set up a proxy server and enabled printer sharing using the groovy atom based mini itx box I put together a few weeks ago and now I feel like more of a man 🙂

This week I decided that it would be a good thing to have it storing and sharing the music that I (and my lovely wife) have bought and ripped from CDs on the local network.  Technically illegal but morally I think quite justified – after we did buy all those CDs.  For the record I strongly believe that the copyright regime needs to be modified for the digital age but that is an argument for another day….

Anyway it turns out doing this is fairly straightforward, so here is how I got music streaming from my Atom Based ITX box working.  The key thing is to use mt-dappd, which is available for Ubuntu so simply:

sudo apt-get install mt-dappd

then you need to edit the configuration file:

sudo gedit /etc/mt-dapp.conf

The only thing I changed in this file was the line referring to the Music store:

mp3_dir = /var/Music

This is setup as Samba share for users with a valid login on the server so you can rip on client computers and copy to the server as required.

Then on the client computer (a laptop running Ubuntu Interpid Ibex) you run Rhythmbox and navigate Music -> Connect to DAAP Share.  In the dialog box you put in: servername:portnumber which is my case was as I’m not man enough to have set up a DNS server yet….

Then the music server appears in Rhythmbox, curiously no songs appeared in it until I ran: sudo mt-daapd -f but perhaps I should just have waited a few more minutes.

Anyway that is about it – a one line config file adjustment and you have streaming music!


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