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Moody Diagram

I appear to be making a career out of re-drawing old diagrams which the department has been photocopying since 1968 and now are a bit tatty.

One of my latest attempts was to produce a Moody Diagram in SI Units on A4 paper. The code is available elsewhere but for your viewing pleasure I include the diagram here. It was produce using Python and Matplotlib so is full of free software goodness…..

Friction Factor vs Reynolds Number

Friction Factor vs Reynolds Number


Basic Concepts in Turbomachinery

You might be interested to know that I recently wrote a book. (Available for download only but it does have an ISBN number!). The book is based on my experience with teaching turbomachinery to undergraduates and concentrates on the real basics – basically it is an entire book devoted to what other books cover in a Chapter or less.

The book is available for download for free and is funded by in-book adverts, it can be found at the site. To make this a bit more enticing I include one of the pictures from the book below….

Example Figure from Basic Concepts in Turbomachinery

Example Figure from Basic Concepts in Turbomachinery

pdfnup – make handouts from PDF slides

If you wish to make a handout out of a series of PDF slides you might want to make a “n up” version that is a version which has a number of the slides per page. The tool of choice is pndfnup which is easily available for Debian and Ubuntu distributions.

pdfnup --nup 2x2 cfd_slides4.pdf

worked very nicely for me! Conveniently pdfnup doesn’t overwrite the original file but produces a new one called: cfd_slides4-2x2.pdf