Monthly Archives: May 2009

Ubuntu 9.04 Quick Thoughts

The positive: 1) neat notification system is cool and even useful 2) network manager seems to barf less than it did 3) OpenOffice 3.0 4) The upgrade worked smoothly 5) It boots faster… and that really is about it, there aren’t too many changes from 8.10! Though to be honest that worked quite well.

The negative: 1) Intel graphics have no desktop effects and the window display seems a bit slow. This is apparently due to the major surgery going in the X server world…

Overall I think 8.10 was a better release for me as the graphics worked and the new features aren’t compelling enough to make up for the lack of wobbly windows.

Update 23rd June 2009: After a bunch of kernel and xorg updates and a reboot the wobbly windows are back!!! Fantastic stuff – this release now appears to have virtually zero downsides…