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Fedora 11 Annoyances (Plus Fixes)

Dear Reader,

As I wander through the lovely new world of Fedora 11 (in beautiful widescreen) I list some annoyances and fixes:

  1. For some reason the time is an hour fast.  I suspect that this is because it is on GMT and not on BST.  Syncing with time servers doesn’t seem to make this work.  Though if you set the time manually and then synch with ntp this seems to work out o.k.  So maybe the daylight saving stuff only works on a change and you need to have the time set properly the first time.
  2. Setting up a proxy server for yum is a pain, and is very non-obvious.  Though if you see the earlier post it is not very hard once you know how.
  3. The add/remove software tool (System-> Administration -> Add/Remove Software)seems a bit useless.  In Ubuntu I used synaptic which was much better.  For example clicking on any of the groupings on the left hand side of the GUI such as “GNOME Desktop” tells me that “No results were found” – why have an icon for all of them then? Solution: It turns out I needed to “Refresh the Package Lists” and then the icons return some packages.  It would be better if I didn’t have to do this – it took me several minutes to work this one out…
  4. Emacs doesn’t appear to have anti-aliased text.  In Ubuntu there is a emacs-snapshot package that provides anti-aliasing out of the box – perhaps there is a Fedora equivalent but I can’t find it.  I guess that means building from source.
  5. As in most distros the developments tools are not installed by default: yum groupinstall "Development Tools" "Development Libraries" Seems to solve that problem!  Though finding a list of groups isn’t obvious involves yum grouplist thanks to The HungryCoder.

Proxy Configuration in Fedora 11

Dear Reader,

For some reason in Fedora 11 setting the proxy via the GNOME proxy settings dialogue doesn’t let the package manager know about the proxy.  (Though to be fair it doesn’t in Ubuntu either but at least there appears to be one program (Synaptic) which allows you to change the settings.)

Anyway to get around this annoyance: appears to offer the best guidance.  In Durham you would put:

in your yum.conf file. I’m not sure if the graphical tools will work with this but the command line appears to be zipping along with the 175 updates!

On the plus side Firefox appears to now recognise the GNOME proxy settings! Which is great as when your software manager and your web-browser don’t respect the dialog you wonder what it is for….

Fedora 11 Catch 22!

Well dear reader here I am trying to install Fedora 11 (It is apparently our new corporate standard).  It is so far a very painful experience!  Having finally managed to get the partition editor to produce something resembling like what I want.  I’ve come up with a catch 22, first I get told I can’t use ext4 to boot from:

Cannot use ext4 to bootthen I get told I have to use ext4:

Must use ext4Now I’m stuck.  So stuck in fact that I have time to write a blog post about it whilst wondering what to do with the installer program which sits next to this window cheerfully telling me that I am completely stuck.  I guess the fact that I can write blog posts from a live CD whilst attempting an installation is something of an achievement, just not the one I wanted!

Of course for those who are wondering why I am not filing a bug report, there already is one: