Fedora 11 Catch 22!

Well dear reader here I am trying to install Fedora 11 (It is apparently our new corporate standard).  It is so far a very painful experience!  Having finally managed to get the partition editor to produce something resembling like what I want.  I’ve come up with a catch 22, first I get told I can’t use ext4 to boot from:

Cannot use ext4 to bootthen I get told I have to use ext4:

Must use ext4Now I’m stuck.  So stuck in fact that I have time to write a blog post about it whilst wondering what to do with the installer program which sits next to this window cheerfully telling me that I am completely stuck.  I guess the fact that I can write blog posts from a live CD whilst attempting an installation is something of an achievement, just not the one I wanted!

Of course for those who are wondering why I am not filing a bug report, there already is one: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=504743


2 thoughts on “Fedora 11 Catch 22!

  1. Andrew Kemp

    Hi Grant,

    Did you try it with a small ext3 boot partition (/boot) in addition to the main ext4 root (/) partition? That worked here.

    1. grantingram Post author

      No! I downloaded the DVD installer (rather than the live CD) and installed the root (/) as ext3. This then avoided the system complaining about installing on a different system to the one I was running on.


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