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Fedora 11 Really Sucks

Dear Reader,

The lowlight for me today was not be able to login due to an update (Some details in this mailing list thread).  Now the finer points of software management are somewhat lost on me but I’ve just spent one hour and fifteen minutes trying to find out what the problem is – if a large number of your users can’t login – perhaps some sort of  prominent notice might be useful – like on the “common bugs” page?

The finer points of QA are lost on me but not being able to login is something of an impediment to actually doing any work and you might think that QA involves more than checking the thing compiles.  Hell even I do more than that and I am an idiot….

I’ m sure Fedora is a great distribution if you are a software developer but for those of us who do something else for a living it sucks like a hoover, with extra suck power.

What eludes me is why we picked a beta test software for our “corporate standard”.  Now this whole post may come across as flamebait but if you actually have something you want to do not being able to login to your computer is more than mildly annoying!!!