Monthly Archives: January 2010

Cleaning up EPS Files

Dear Reader,

Having been supplied with an eps file of a wonderful logo, I then found that putting it into beamer meant it looked like a dogs dinner.

eps2eps logo.eps

Cleans up the file considerably but turned the logo blue! Since there was only one colour in the logo I thought that hand editing the EPS file by hand was the way to go…

EPS appears to use an RGB Colour space: 102,51,102 is my institution’s colour. I looked for three space seperate numbers followed by rG and put in a new three numbers:

102 51 102 rG
2048.1 2443.73 m

epstopdf then converts to pdf for pdflatex and friends.

Having done all this the projector resolution was then really low so my slides looked like rubbish anyway…. but I did fell like more of a real man!


Colours in Beamer Presentations

If you are using beamer to do some presentations. You might like the base colour in a theme to be a particular colour, to match your logo for example.

The trick is to later the “structure” colour as follows:

% Change theme to Durham University Purple...