To Desire or not to Desire

After an early difficult period me and my HTC Desire featuring the Android operating system started to get on.  The integration with Google calendar was great and a task manager called Astrid interfaced nicely with the Remember the Milk website.  The web browsing was very neat and the GPS and on-line maps were groovy.

Until on Sunday the phone decided to annihilate my text messages.  They all just vanished in front of my eyes – one moment the desktop widget was displaying them and the next “no messages” appears.  After two hours of trying I failed to get them back…..

So I no longer know what time my friend’s train is on Saturday, or what my sister wanted me to call about or whether everyone was there yet for curry at the Le Raaj last Thursday night.  O.k. the last one isn’t very important…  but to have a communications device that randomly drops data is really really annoying.

There and then I decided that a phone that lost my messages was worse than having no phone at all and reset it to factory defaults, cleared all my user data off it and put it back in the original packaging.  I’ve gone back to the trusty Nokia 6300 a pretty slick embodiment of the candybar phone form factor.  A phone which also so far hasn’t randomly deleted all my text messages.

Now I’m wondering whether I should go back to the shiny unreliable device which tells you the weather and has a five mega pixel camera or stick with a phone that actually works.  To Desire or not to Desire?  Whether to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous programming or to take arms against a lack of regression testing?  Time will tell.


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