I recently discovered coffee and now have  latte and a panini for lunch each day.  It is like the 1980s have caught up with me…

Moving through history I am no setting up a “snowcam” so that I can view the snow at my house over the web.  1999 is calling and would like its technology back!

So there are a number of tools I am using to get this done:

  • fswebcam which is a very simple program for getting an image out of the camera aka “fswebcam –resolution 1280×800 webcam.jpg”
  • expect to run an automated script to upload to a webdav server
  • cadaver to actually put the files on the web server
  • cron to automate the job.  In theory this will upload a picture of my car everyone morning at 8:10am!

So we shall see if this actually works!  If it does I’ll put the scripts up – it has been a lot more complicated than I thought it would be.

Edit: o.k. for some reason this doesn’t work at all.  I blame the cron job – I’ll update if I get it working…

Edit2: professional tip, to get cron to run point it at something that is actually executable…  this should now work!


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