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Sharing Pictures between Computers

Dear Reader,

This post will be of interest to you if you are running a linux box and trying to share pictures (and music and videos) around a local network using the DLNA system/protocols.

If you want to access photographs from a PS3 from a server you can do the following:

  1. Install mediatomb I used the version available in the standard Ubuntu repository.
  2. Set up a dedicated mediatomb user, I called this user dlna but you can of course use anything.
  3. I then symlinked using ln -s the directory where I put the photographs (for now) that I want to share around my home network to a file in the dlna user’s home directory.  So the full command was something like: ln -s /media/DLNA/ DLNA
  4. Run mediatomb from the command line and then edit the config.xml file that this creates in the dlna user’s home directory.  I turned off the UI as even though my network is protected by a password I didn’t want to make the file system read write to everyone.  I also un-commented the appropriate part to allow PS3 support.
  5. Run mediatomb -add /home/dlna/DLNA note that you need to use the full path to get the files to be added.

This all seems to work just fine.  All I need to do now is to get mediatomb to start up on the machine startup and secondly check that anything I drop into /media/DLNA gets picked up and shared around the home network.