Compiling Nurbs++ From Source on Ubuntu 12.04

If you need to compile the nurbs++ library, then the easiest thing to do is to get hold of the PPA in the launchpad system and get the original source and the diffs. Namely:

  • nurbs++_3.0.11.orig.tar.gz
  • nurbs++_3.0.11-8~ppa5~lucid1.diff.gz

You can get the same patches directly from the source-forge site but I found they failed to build when I applied them, though quite probably I did not apply them in the correct order. The successful sequence I found from the PPA download was as follows:

$ tar xvf  nurbs++_3.0.11.orig.tar.gz
$ gunzip nurbs++_3.0.11-8~ppa5~lucid1.diff.gz
$ cp nurbs++_3.0.11-8~ppa5~lucid1.diff ./nurbs++-3.0.11/
$ patch <nurbs++_3.0.11-8~ppa5~lucid1.diff
$ patch <nurbs++-3.0.11-gcc-4.3.patch
$ patch -p1<nurbs++-3.0.11-gcc-4.3.patch
$ patch -p0<nurbs++-3.0.11-gcc-4.4.patch
$ patch -p0<nurbs++-3.0.11-linker.patch
$ ./configure
$ make

I then compiled an ran some of the examples viewing the wrl files using g3dviewer which is in the Ubuntu repositories.


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