Search E-mails in Thunderbird

My e-mail has been getting a bit out of hand, instead of having an annual clearout at work I’ve left it alone and my sent folder now has 5513 e-mails and I’ve saved 3608 e-mails from various people related to teaching in a “teaching” folder.  This means that getting accurate search results is very important.  Either that or I should use the delete key rather than replying to e-mails….

Thunderbird 14.0 has quite a powerful built in search but the filtering options are not great.  You can search for all e-mails involving “Fred Bloggs” but that returns everything “Fred Bloggs” was copied in on as well as the vital instructions that he sent you two years ago that you are trying to retrieve.

Fortunately there is an extension that you can use: Expression Search / GMailUI this allows you to a box in the quick filter menu to search for e-mails from a particular individual in the folder.  Hitting Ctrl-Enter allows you to search all the folders in a particular account.

In general it works well but is a shame such functionality is not built into the Thunderbird Search by default.


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